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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 29, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, record-breaking floods in missouri. the national guard is called in as thousands evacuate, fleeing deadly floodwaters, with the water expected to rise for days. captured. the so-called affluenza teen and his mother caught in mexico and being returned to the u.s. police now say they threw a going away parting before going on the run. identity crisis. why your driver's license may no longer be enough to get you through airport security. cries for help. the desperate 911 call from a brave trio of boy scouts as a bear brutally attacked their scout master. and oprah's tv return. in her debut ad for
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winfrey opens up about her battle to keep the pounds off. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. it is the kind of weather emergency we typically see after springtime snow melts. but this year it is in some places the water has already swallowed homes and businesses. in others they are sandbagging and waiting. up and down the mississippi and the tributaries there is more water coming in the st. louis area, the river is expected to crest tomorrow at the second highest level ever. and flooding could last for days to come. nbc's kevin tibbles has our report. >> reporter: today the residences of union, missouri, frantically sandbag in hopes of saving the town. the governor has called in the national
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danger from the deadly and destructive floods wreaking havoc across the state. are going to get much, much worse. the rain that we had before in those rivers significantly and will up. >> reporter: with missouri now under a state of emergency, 14 million americans across the midwest and southeast face flood watches. in st. louis it has been the wettest year and wettest december on record. in southern georgia, this drone video shows the extent of the flooding. where fast-flowing rivers have taken out several roads. 31 deaths now being blamed on a storm system that has caused tornados in texas and mudslides in arkansas. >> the southerly jet holds more moisture which is why we've seen up to a foot of takes a while to reach the mississippi so record flooding will continue through the >> reporter: with the holiday, this is one
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today alone more than 1,000 flight cancellations stranding passengers nationwide. >> i was up at 5:30 and it is 10:00 and they cancel it. and they won't let me speak to someone. >> reporter: two days after an ef 3 tornado tore apart rowlett, texas, a miracle. two dogs, sawyer and lucy were found in the rubble. they are banged up but doing great. kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. a bit of good news tonight, a texas teen whose so-called affluenza defense kept him out of prison for a deadly drunk driving crash is in custody in mexico with his mother. but questions remain over who may have helped them flee the u.s. and whether he will do any time for violating his probation. we get the latest now from gabe gutierrez. >> tonight, after a two-week international manhunt, ethan couch and his mother tanya await their return to the u.s.
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this apartment in the popular resort town of puerto vallerta. his hair apparently died black, police believe, to avoid capture. >> this butcher said the teenager paid cash and seemed nervous. police say the pair did not resist arrest. now investigators are racing to find out if they had help, in what the sheriff called a premeditated escape in this pickup, ending up 960 miles away in puerto vallerta. >> they had a gathering before they left and characterized it as a going away party. >> reporter: couch killed four people near fort worth while driving drunk in 2013. during sentencing, his attorney said the teen didn't fully understand the difference between right and wrong due to his affluent upbringing. the judge gave him no jail time but ten years problems -- probation. >> it sounded the like worst tv movie. they decided to jump
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americans. >> cell phone video of this party surfaced on this social media. he was seen there. but he was not seen drinking but alcohol abuse would violate his probation. that is what is believed to prompt his run. the judge could keep the case in juvenile court which would allow him to go free on his 19th birthday this coming april, or transferred to adult court where a judge could sentence him to just 120 days in jail. >> prosecutors say they are bound by texas rules that essentially give juvenile offenders a do-over when they get into adult courts. >> reporter: couch's attorneys have declined to comment until their client is back in the country. nbc news has learned from law enforcement sources that could happen as early as tomorrow. prosecutors plan to charge couch's mother with hindering arrest, which carries a sentence of two to ten years in prison if she's convicted. kate. >> gabe, thank you.
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gets ready to hit the campaign trail for his wife's campaign. donald trump has unleashed a new attack on the former president in an news. and while questions remain about how affective bill clinton will be on the stump, trump's ground game has its own challenges in all-important iowa. here is kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: secretary clinton making her final stop of the year today in battleground new hampshire. >> and i want to be a president -- >> declining to take the bait from donald trump who is turning up the heat on bill clinton, set to hit the trail on monday. >> iffer going to be out there campaigning, he is certainly fair game. >> reporter: part of the game, trump deflecting accusations of sexism of him by putting the focus on >> there was certainly a lot of abuse of women and you look at whether it is monnicu lewinsky or paula jones or many of them. >> reporter: there was his strategy is on
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>> that is fair to raise. and it is up to the public to decide whether or not they think that is relevant to their assessment of hillary clinton. >> reporter: another concern, in 2008, the former president made a number of guffaws, including this comment about then senator barack obama. >> this whole thing is the biggest fairy tale i've seen. >> reporter: the remarks angering some voters, then, becoming fodder for trump today. >> he's being wheeled out and we'll see what happens. but frankly he did very, very poorly. >> reporter: meanwhile, trump is signaling he is about to put his mouth where -- his money where his mouth is. tweeting now i will spend big in new hampshire. so far he has only spend $217,000 on radio ads, representing .2% on ads. >> if i was trump, i would get them to vote and to caucus.
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anyone's guess what the candidate will do or say next. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, washington. i'm casey hunt in cedar rapids, iowa. donald trump talks a big game. but if trump is going to win eya, he has to turn the thousands of fans into something less glamorous. caucusgoers. >> we want to you be what we call a caucus captain. >> in iowa big crowds don't always translight into a big win on caucus night. in 2012, rick santorum won iowa with fewer than 30,000 votes. trump's challenge, his thousands of supporters aren't traditional republicans who could be counted on to caucus on a cold, february night. >> who did you caucus for last time? >> jimmy carter. >> reporter: the trump's go-big strategy is new. the last two gop winners spent months visiting every one of iowa's 99 counties. >> winning in iowa
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vote. but that is not the donald trump style. >> that is tanna's style. as a runner-up on apprentice, she has a dash of celebrity. and with iowa roots, she's the face of trump's campaign here. >> he can't go to a pizza ranch. he just can't walk in. that is just not in his arena. arena. >> reporter: take ron and sally lang who said they needed to meet trump to close the deal. >> and now he is super-excited and pumped. >> but you are going to show up on february 1st to caucus. >> possibly. >> even with a vip access and photo in land, they are still not sure they will give donald trump what he needs, their vote. casey hunt, nbc news. new developments tonight on the al jazeera report that quarterback peyton involved in performance-enhancing drugs while undergoing treatment for an injury back in 2011. both sides fighting back today saying
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story is accurate. latest. >> reporter: tonight under increased scrutiny, al jazeera is defending and clarifying the reporting that ties performance-enhancing drugs. specific evidence that peyton manning himself has ever taken hgh? >> we have not said that in the program. we are not making the peyton manning. >> reporter: al jazeera is backtracking and retreating said the crisis manager ari fleischer, the story was not credible to begin with, he said, and it is not credible now. a timeline of events is undisputed. he suffered a neck injury in 2010. he admitted receiving treatment at the guyer institute in 2011 as he sat out the season. hyperbaric chamber would be good for me. >> reporter: in 2012 he stunned critics with a remarkable comeback playing for the denver broncos. the documentary never directly said manning
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hormone or hgh but the implication is strong. >> charlie sly claims he was part of a medical team that helped manning recover. >> it is false. >> the source, who has since recanted his claim, said the nfl banned substance was shipped to his wife ashley. peyton said his wife's medical treatments are her business. with a $15 million salary and another $12 million in endorsements, peyton manning is one of the biggest and most profitable names in sports. >> does the truth actually matter or when allegations like this are put forward, is the damage already done? >> well so long as the allegations are not more powerful than the brand itself, you could expect the companies to stay behind peyton. >> and peyton manning's brand remains extremely powerful. blake mccoy, nbc news, los angeles. a major security change could come to several u.s. airports in the new year. nbc's joe fryer explains why you may need more than your driver's license to board a flight. >> reporter: for many american travelers, a
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their i.d. of choice when boarding a domestic flight. but as early as next year, that may not be enough to clear security in some states. instead, you might need a passport. >> i think that is a little extreme, needing a passport to go through. no. no. >> in 2005, congress passed a real i.d. act. pushing states to issue more secure driver's licenses that are tougher to counterfeit and have new technology. the issue has gained attention since the terrorist attacks in san bernardino. >> by ensuring there is consistency in a type of identification being presented at airports, they are looking to mitigate the threat of terrorism. >> 22 states an the district of columbia have licenses that meet the standars. most others are making progress and have been granted extension and a few are running out deadlines. but so far the department of homeland security has delayed enforcing the law at airports and said it will ensure that the traveling public has
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120 days before any might affect their travel. the law faces tough opposition from some states. a new passport could cost more than $150 and there are concerns about privacy. government has not done a good job collecting the accepting. >> reporter: as the government finalizes plans for when it will start enforcing the real i.d. program, and who will be affected. joe fryer, nbc news, burbank, california. still ahead tonight, oprah winfrey returns to television hoping her midas touch campaign. and the 911 call from a group of courageous boy scout getting the right nutrition each day is important, nutritional drink can be a challenge. compact nutritional drink. the only drink that provides complete nutrition in half the size of other nutritional drinks. boost compact is filled with 10
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oprah winfrey is coming back to tv screens. the one-time talk show host is opening up about struggles with her weight in a diet ad campaign. as nbc's stephanie gosk tells us, oprah hoping fans relate as she tries to shed pounds. >> reporter: there are testimonials and then there are testimonials. >> many times you look in the mirror and you don't even recognize your own self. >> reporter: in a newly-released commercial, oprah winfrey is asking people who struggle with their weight, just as she has, to join weight watchers. >> inside every
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woman she knows she can be. >> reporter: the woman who turned unknown doctors into stars. no-name books into best-sellers. >> and we want to start a book club here on the oprah show. >> and entrepreneurs into overnight success stories. >> we have over 100 products. >> reporter: she has a new favorite thing. weight watchers. she owns 10% of the company. >> she might as well own 100%. a lot of people will join because of oprah. they believe in oprah. not just the product, but oprah the person. >> reporter: at this weight watchers in new york, long-time member and coach lisa schwab said oprah's pitch is affective because it is so relatable. >> when you watch the commercial, did you immediately connect with it? >> i started to cry. >> did you really? >> yeah. >> why? >> because it was so moving moving. and i felt it was my story too. that is the thing. i think a lot of people will look at this and say this is my story. this is me. >> reporter: before oprah announced her investment in weight
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loss company was struggling. high-tech giant and social media chipped away at its business. now the company hopes the personal appeal from the former queen of daytime -- >> are you ready? let's let's do this together. >> reporter: -- will be the solution to both of their troubles. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. we're back in a moment with the chain restaurant charging big money on new if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side
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for the first time we're hearing the harrowing 911 call made during a brutal bear attack on a boy scout trip as the bear mauled their leader, a group of young scouts showed remarkable courage and composure as they summoned help. we get more from nbc's ron mott. >> 911, where is the emergency? >> my scout master went into a cave and a bear is in the cave with him. >> reporter: calm, during a frightening
6:52 pm
the phone for an hour trying to get help for his scout leader being mauled during a hike in new jersey. >> he can't get out? >> i think the bear is on top of him. >> reporter: 52-year-old christopher petronino inside of a cave he boys. they set off for a hike near the split rock reservoir in northern new jersey, putting the survival skills to the test, the scouts 12 and 13 years old suggested a way to pinpoint their place. >> do you want us to start a fire. >> the scout master managed to free himself and called for help. >> i was mauled by a bear. >> where are you bleeding? >> left arm, left leg, neck and head. >> reporter: emergency officials told the boys that searchers were in the area. >> guys, on three, everyone is going to yell, hello, can you
6:53 pm
i see the helicopter. >> we're going to get out of this alive. i love you guys. >> reporter: the man was airlifted to an area hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. ron mott, nbc news. threw brothers from the same family joined the nypd, the 24-year-old steven and 22-year-old twins john and alec all graduated from the police academy on the same day. they are all following in the footsteps of their father. a 30-year veteran of the force. would you spend $400 to celebrate the new year at the olive garden. that is how much you have to shell out to ring in 2016 at the time square location. it is still cheaper than other restaurants in the area. but it has a limited view of the ball drop. and unlimited breadsticks not included. when we come back, how kids who could use
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each serving has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle, plus 26 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones. boost high protein is the #1 selling high protein complete nutritional drink and it has a great taste-guaranteed! help get the nutrition you need everyday with boost high protein. available at these fine retailers. finally tonight, a brighter picture for the future. a story about children in need, learning how to visualize their dreams with the magic of a camera. as our miguel almaguer tells us, they are
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making a difference. >> reporter: it begins like most ordinary >>. children learning about photography having endured some of life's toughest lessons. most of the kids in linda solomon's class to see the world through a different perspective. solomon teaming up with shelters and students. >> it is a program where we give children cameras. they go off as photo journalists to capture >> reporter: the children write and share their dreams. then with a mentor, with a click. a picture that becomes cadence is 10. >> i want to live in a two-storey house. i always dreamed of in the morning, waking up and walking down these fuzzy stairs and
6:58 pm
waiting on the table. >> reporter: amber has never had a home but she has plenty of heart. her dream to become a doctor. >> make people healthy and make people happy. >> reporter: secura future. it starts with a scholarship and then a diploma. being on campus here at school? >> because it makes me student. >> reporter: pictures of hope operates on a shoe string budget. all of the cameras have been donated by a local business. all of the mentors volunteer their time. this is always been been the kids. the program reaching 1400 children in 48 >> that is what this is all about. sparkle. >> reporter: photos helping children see the world's a new lense. miguel almaguer, nbc news, tucson, arizona. beautiful photos. that is "nightly news" for this tuesday night.
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news, thanks for watching.


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